Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Have the Power of GreySkull!!!!

Hey there peoples! I know I said this blog is going to be all non-work-related art, but I'm kinda bending the rules. This is a study I did for a He-man piece that is going to be published in a new animation magazine. This project has been SO much fun because Masters of the Universe was my favorite cartoon as a kid. I even named my cat "Master of the Universe"! Hey, don't judge me, I was only 4 years old. Anyway, hope you enjoy.


artgyrl said...

I'm definitely pleased to finally see a sketch blog from you. The scant updates on your site and dA were almost too hard to bear. I'll definitely be checking back here.

Rob Tornoe said...

is Ram Man going to be in your piece?

Barak said...

Wow thats cool, I really like how you shade your stuff. Don't forget to post the final piece of this! I'm looking forward to seeing what all you post.