Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hey peeps, I had kind of a "day off" so I decided to try my hand at some coloring. This is one of the only pieces that I've drawn with the specific intention of using color to finish it, so I didn't use any shadows or even much in the way of line-weights in the pencil stage. Done with pencil, using photo ref for the figure, and then colored in PhotoshopCS2 with a Wacom Graphire tablet(sucks). Hope you like it!


Dave Kim said...

hey micah,

why don't you post your journals from da over here also?

i'm sure there's also some folks who might not see what you wrote.

Ron said...

Hi.. awesome work on Heroes GNs-
btw - several artists (Ryan Odagawa, Jason Badower et al) are donating a sketch for inclusion on items we are selling to benefit Give-Life.org
Please check out our site and maybe you'll wanna help out? Thanks in advance..Sheindie on 9th Wonders!

charlieclark said...

very nice i love to see how people come up with things, and what materials are used